My Story

“I spend more than 8 hours – sometimes 10-12 hours – in my office. If I’m not inspired, how am I going to be productive and make an impact on my business and employees?”

Alicia Chong, CEO, Blu Monaco

It’s a fact: Human beings like to be surrounded by beauty. Why do we go to the mountains? Why visit the sea?

Blu Monaco is challenging the workspace status quo by making beautiful desk wares accessible to everyone – whether destined for a corner office or cubicle, “cloffice” or command center. We believe that everyone should be able to go to work in a space that feels personal, inspiring, and put-together.

Here are some stats that may blow your mind:

You spend:

7-8 hours sleeping

A typical bedroom renovation budget: $5,000 - $10,000

2-3 hours in the kitchen

A typical kitchen renovation budget: $15,000 - $20,000

9+ hours working, trying to change the world, have a great idea, or just be productive

Typical budget: Negligible ( it any wonder 80% of small businesses fail?)

It’s time to start dreaming. Let’s bring beauty to the workspace. (It’s about time.)

The Blu Monaco line: We’ve put our passion into exclusive designs inspired by trends, spaces we love, and the things that make us happy. Each piece is designed for long-lasting functionality.

The collections: We’ve curated our collections in tandem with our brand partners – brands who we look to for beautiful and inspirational goods. We negotiate the best prices for you, so shopping with us is like having a friend with (major) benefits.

Shipping: We ship Blu Monaco items from our bright and happy warehouse in Denver, at the foot of the Rockies. When you order from a collection, our partners will ship that item just as carefully (and speedily) as if it were coming from us. Watch that doorstep… your desk is about to get a whole lot more joyful!





Just as your wardrobe represents you and your style, so your desk builds your image. By creating and curating beautiful, well-made items that are both timeless and trend-savvy, you’re building your look and showing that you care about your presentation. And that feels good.


We cut out the high prices and the middle man. We’ve sought out the world’s best factories – masters in the home and office categories – to bring you high-quality, beautifully designed pieces at prices that make sense. (By the way, we often visit and meet with our manufacturers to check in and, if necessary, adjust practices so that our makers there are treated just as well as we’d treat them here.)


If you’re going to spend money on something, it should last. When things last, it’s better for our earth… and you get a higher return on your investment. With Blu Monaco products, you get to break the traditional retail cycle of repeatedly purchasing cheap, low-quality items that don’t last.

Let’s make a pact. Let’s never go back to a boring desk.