Mint Green Desk Organizer Set - 5 Piece

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Keep Your Office and Home Organized with a 5 Piece Desk Set

When looking to keep a productive environment organization is key, and this desk storage set is a great addition to your office or home environment. This five piece set offers style with its whimsical design and mint green color and organization too.

This mint green colored set features a cute circular pattern that will organize all your desk and office supplies in style.

Product Details:

  • 5 Piece Set
  • Mint Green Color
  • Includes Pen/Pencil Cup, Business Card Holder, Letter Size Paper Tray, Letter Organizer, and Sticky Note Holder
  • Perfect for Office, Home, or Dorm Room
  • Chic, Fun Circular Pattern Design
  • Stores Documents and Supplies
  • Helps you Stay Organized
  • Easy to Use

Organize Supplies and Files Easily with the Blu Monaco 5 Piece Desk Set.

Mint Green Desk Organizer Set - 5 Piece

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